Use your curser to divulge into the Monkey Madness world!

Check out this VR Image below, pretty funky eh!?

also, here is a link to the animated flythrough(2MB)

May 10th ~ Having done some porting with the new version and the beautiful SonyEricssons's are not loving the new bomb implementation which operates a new thread as a handle. For now there is not much i can do. My course is over in 10 days so maybe a bit after that we'll some changes, eZ

May 3rd ~ I have updated the game to version 2. we now have sound and a boss. I managed to remove some of the errors from the prvious version but no doubt adding more content has opend up more doors for potential errors. I also had issues with the deployment as the Jar reached over 64Kb so i had to remove the developing Bluetooth implementation, not that your missing out on much as it was pretty basic and didnt exactly support a multiplayer game, yet.


if you have a new java mobile phone and gprs(internet on it) then go to this address using your phone!!!)

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cheers for your help testers!

here is a link to my Dissertation documentation, Digital Business & Game Development, a cracking read at only 69 pages in PDF!

here is a link to the UML diagram for Monkey Madness which also link to the Javadoc


respect to Bur (Elizabeth Ashdjian) for her wicked sketch of the monkey an also to this funk 2, x!

more here laters